The client
Barbuck is all about instant communication. They specialise in introducing buyers and sellers at the optimum stage in the buying journey. Barbuck is developing a powerful range of tools that make instant communication a reality, with a lead management tool that captures and presents potential lead information in a manageable and eye-catching way.
The problem
Barbuck, even though it was a brand new product, it had a basic existing identity to work with, colours and logo defined. However, they needed the typography to be defined, along with the UI assets. Armed with a concept, ambition and organisational goals to achieve, they were needed a fast and efficient creative team to assist them in delivering their product.
The solution
As lead designer for the project, I started with the product's dashboard designs. Working closely with the client, we created a basic layout from UX research, reworking and developing as we went into the high fidelity designs you can see here. As the product grew, I further developed the brand, with illustrations and marketing campaigns.
The result
The final product has been widely well-received. Evidence of this can be seen through their continuously growing client base. Working alongside the client and their in-house developers, we have created a functional dashboard that collates and presents all the important information in a clear and polished format. Regarding the brand, our illustration style has become iconic for Barbuck, dominating their website and marketing materials.
Project Result Image