The client
Collective Benefits is a London-based insurtech firm. Their USP, providing a dedicated employee benefits platform for independent workers within the 'on-demand economy', including flexible insurance and benefits specifically for independent workers, from sick and injury pay to family and compassionate leave.
The problem
Partnered with Shoreditch Design Studio, I have been working with Collective Benefits since nearly the start of the agency back in early 2020. During that time I have worked closely with them in producing UX/UI designs for their web application, marketing materials, and client-facing pitches. However, as they could see the company was growing, they wanted to have a brand to fit with the direction they were planning on heading towards. That's where the rebrand came in.
The solution
I supported with brand creation and development. This initially consisted of thorough research into the current market, competitors, and trends. Then we used this research to create an independent brand that would speak to the market that Collective is targeting, with using carefully selected and developed iconography, typography and illustrations.
The result
With constant communication between myself and the client, I have created a brand that is fun, eye-catching and informative. Using bright colours for highlights, draws the eye to the important aspects of the site, while also connecting the linear illustration style. Backing with a subtle patterned background, to help further emphasise points, and using Galano Grotesque font, with its multiple weights, enhances the tone of voice of Collective but makes sure you keep in mind the subject matter.
Project Result Image