Music artwork for up and coming Manchester-based artist.

The Client πŸ‘‘

Using his own personal experiences, Juva takes you on an epic adventure of sound that is full of heart yet, has that vibe which you can't help but get immersed in. To quote the man himself, 'Juva is in the building, and he has something to say'.

The Problem 🧩

Juva has been in the music industry for many years, both within bands (one which preformed at Glastonbury)Β and also featuring on a variety of tracks. But he has never taken the plunge as a solo artist, until now. He required music artwork to match the message and the style of tunes he was releasing.

The Solution πŸ₯½

Juva came to me, with a theme reminiscent of the 80's: 'Think Drive, Stranger Things, Vice City'. Basically, the perfect brief some may say?!

Feel The VibeJuva Content

The Result πŸ†

Starting with 'Feel the Vibe', I designed a dark 80's neon theme, which has since run throughout his first 6 singles, creating a micro-brand along the way. I have played a small part in his first steps as a solo artist, and I must say he is definitely one to watch. His music is available on all good streaming platforms.

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