The client
Logpoint is a leading cybersecurity company based in Europe. Founded in 2012, they quickly evolved into a leading provider of SIEM throughout Europe, and have since worked on creating a state-of-the-art security operations platform, ensuring organizations worldwide are more secure.
The problem
Since the company launched back in 2012, the world of cybersecurity has grown. Each year, technology advances, but in doing so, cyber criminals are also adapting. This growth has seen a lot of new companies enter the market, making it very saturated. So now, more than ever, it is important to stand out. Logpoint were still using the brand they launched with in 2012, which was great for their launch, but now they needed a brand which would confirm their status as a market leader.
The solution
As with any rebranding project, I first got familiar with the cybersecurity market by looking at competitors, likely customer demographics, and how the whole market was evolving. Keeping trends, user accessibility, and market research in mind, I tackled the process of designing a new logo and brand guidelines. After establishing the brand, I tackled the company website first by building a comprehensive design system. This was a useful exercise, as the design system gave us a single source of truth, allowing us to design elements instantly.
The result
I designed a modern logo, which amplifies Logpoint's stance as a "modern, young, and alternative choice" in the cybersecurity market. Since the launch of the new brand, Logpoint has seen a surge in engagement and traffic on their website. and has been receiving positive reviews from employees, new and returning customers.
Project Result Image