Product Design for a Mobile Dating Application.

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'Once' is one of the leading dating apps in Europe, boasting up to 10 million singles and facilitating thousands of couples and friendly relationships.

The application has been available for several years, and consequently, the UX/UI had started to feel somewhat dated. The task was to modernize the appearance and user experience, while also introducing new features to ensure we preserved the product's identity, which would, in turn, enhance customer retention efficiency.

In close collaboration with the client and their in-house developers, I approached this project in multiple stages. Initially, we addressed the sign-up flow, experimenting with various color palettes, typography options, and icon variations, all while preserving the core structure. Once we reached a design consensus, I proceeded to define and establish a design system that would be applied consistently across all other screens.

Throughout every step of the process, I worked closely with our clients, helping create an authentic, user-centric product that captivates, excites, and maintains brand trust. My designs have not only boosted user engagement and retention but also upheld Once's position as one of Europe's leading dating application providers.

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