Orbus Software
Full Rebrand for a Market Leading Software Company.

Orbus Software Logo Testing
Orbus Software Brand Guidelines
Orbus Software Final Logo & Colours
Orbus Software Brand Guidelines
Orbus Software Branded Collateral

Project Details...

Orbus Software, founded in 2004, has over 15 years worth of experience, servicing more than 550 organisations, with over 60,000 end users. With offices in London, New York and Sydney, Orbus Software is a leading provider of digital transformation software.

I was employed by Orbus Sofware for a couple of years and was part of the marketing team. I was well aware that this new product was fast approaching, so I pitched to the CEO and Partners the importance of a brand refresh. After I got the green light to proceed with the project, I started my research and brand development.

The end result is a clean and modern brand that has helped start Orbus Software in their new chapter. During my time developing the brand, I designed and introduced an exciting new logo, as well as developing new colours, typography, tone of voice and marketing collateral. After a successful launch, I installed myself as a brand ambassador at the company to ensure correct and successful use of the brand which is still being upheld today.

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