The client
Coming up with the idea during lockdown, this podcast, hosted by brothers Eddy and Will Fogg, is all about horror films. The twist: one is a horror film fanatic, while the other refers to himself as a bit of a Disney Princess.
The problem
Since this was a brand-new podcast, they needed a logo for all their social media platforms to help promote the podcast and for artwork on streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
The solution
The brothers approached me with a vision for their logo—an illustrated profile of both of them. The rest of the brand was left to me. I decided to go with a detailed cartoon style, incorporating red highlights on each profile to connect the two.
The result
The logo was well-received by the Brothers Fogg. It was ready for launch and has been applied to all their social media accounts, serving as a visual reference as they've gained thousands of social media followers and worldwide listeners. Since the launch, I have also designed the logo for their additional show, 'And for Sides, I'll Have...'. Excitingly, the logo is available for purchase on a mug.
Project Result Image