The client
'Punchh' is a leading loyalty and engagement platform. Based in the United States, they assist the world's largest restaurants, convenience stores, and retail brands in acquiring and retaining customers, increasing frequency, and maximising spending.
The problem
'Punchh' approached me to define and build their new white-label design system, as the current design system was out of date and far behind in terms of the advancement of loyalty apps on the market and their clients' needs. We had to ensure that this design system was fully customizable for every potential client, so a lot of intensive UX research and development would be required.
The solution
Working closely with Punchh's design and development team, I created a white-label atomic design system comprising over 200 unique components. A substantial amount of user research and testing was conducted for each component to ensure compliance with accessibility standards. Each component was thoroughly reviewed and discussed before development, preventing the component library from becoming overcrowded.
The result
The final product exemplifies the formidable capabilities of Figma, accentuating the pivotal role of a comprehensive design system as the ultimate authority within any UI design endeavor. This highlights the paramount importance of a unified source of truth, solidifying the foundation upon which every aspect of the project thrives.
Project Result Image