The client
Based in Copenhagen, Scratcher is a leading digital marketing company that specialises in gamification. With a team of a little over 20 people, Scratcher has built an award-winning platform that is now being used in over 12 different countries across the globe.
The problem
Since the company was founded in 2017, Scratcher has already established itself as a leader in marketing gamification. However, with all that success, comes a responsibility to stay ahead of customer needs and expectations. The company must constantly learn, develop, and improve on their flagship product; otherwise the risk of falling behind. This is where I came in.
The solution
Scratcher approached me, as lead designer, to lead the company’s rebrand and product design upgrade. Starting with the brand itself, I researched their competitors and potential future trends, to see where the market was and where it was going. But more importantly, where would Scratcher sit in that market. After this new brand was established and applied to their new website and social adverts, I tackled a full product redesign of their flagship platform.
The result
Working alongside the CEO and the developers, over 4 months (and a lot of coffee), I have designed a brand and product that is ready for 2022 and beyond. For the brand, the introduction of two main vibrant colours, backed by the light colour scheme, really grabs the user and holds their attention and makes Scratcher instantly recognisable. On the product side, the introduction of the new brand, alongside new components and well thoughtout process flows has created a clean and intuitive interface fitting for a market leader. Regarding real time data of how the platform performs, I will know more come October, then the new product is fully built and launched.
Project Result Image