Sport Buff
Product Design for a Fan Engagement Extension.

Project Details...

'Sport Buff' is a real-time fan engagement extension that uses gamification to engage audiences throughout the world of sport. It has the ability to be installed on mobile phones and streaming services, such as Twitch. The product is a white-label solution that empowers partners to create unique moments and retain viewers like never before.

This project, which involves multiple devices and serves as an extension, proved to be quite challenging. UX research played a pivotal role here due to the size of the final product. For example, if a user is playing along with Sport Buff during a football match while watching the game on their phone, we needed to consider the amount of screen space the extension was occupying.

Following the research stage, I collaborated closely with in-house web, iOS, and Android developers to design, build, and introduce a versatile design system that would serve as the foundation for each individual client, spanning across all platforms with ease.

As a result of this work, Sport Buff asked me to explore upgrading the design of their Content Management System. This upgrade aims to facilitate the addition of new features and align it with the new mobile designs.

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