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'TruConnect' is part of the TV.FIT family. It is a fitness application that helps encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle through video-based workouts and gamification to better improve overall wellness, mental health, and healthy eating.

TV.FIT acquired another fitness application in 2020, and it was this application that was to be the foundation for their new product, TruConnect. The problem they faced was that they were only a web-based company; they hadn't taken the leap onto mobile applications. That's where I came in.

Armed with an established brand, I started by creating a working component design system to ensure we had a single source of truth. As this was TV.FIT's first mobile application, we took some time to invest in UX and accessibility research. After this research was completed, I moved on to the UI design.

Working closely with the client, I designed an application that is exciting and attractive to potential new users, which has increased customer retention since its launch. The new application has allowed TV.FIT to introduce new features that users could enjoy and benefit from, including workout plan suggestions based on users' fitness habits and a community where users can share their achievements, mood check-ins, step count, and extraordinary events they can participate in. In addition to the mobile application, I also helped redesign their website and their content management system.

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